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  • How oyalo Franchise Work?
  • Is there any profit scope?
  • How to get oyalo pizza franchise?
  • Cost of oyalo pizza franchise
  • Business Model of Oyalo Pizza
  • How much land is required for Oyalo Pizza Franchise?
  • What are the documents we need for Oyalo Pizza?
  • Why should we own it?
  • Oyalo pizza franchise details

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Starting their own business is the dream of many people. and one of the most extensive business opportunities right now is food products. With more people moving to urban areas and the cost of living rising, the food business has opened up to a larger number of people.

It’s not just the big cities that are attracting customers. But now people have become used to eating something different and good.

Nowadays pizza has made a place in the hearts of people, so if you also want to know the complete information about Oyalo Pizza Franchise and how to start it What will be the process then stay in this article.

Oyalo Pizza Business Model

Whenever we see the setup of an outlet, we understand that it is a low-investment or low-cost business model. Where the customer base is serving as well as the franchisee, they offer pizza on the go, that too in a smaller portion.

No one would ever have thought. A small piece of pizza can also be sold but where Oyalo Pizza has come up with this great idea, you will be shocked to know the price of that yellow pizza. And the price of Oyalo Pizza ranges from ₹45 to ₹260.

As per our observation, we can say that Oyalo Pizza does not focus on the Pizza Dining model as they are working with a low-investment or low-cost model.

Required Space for Oyalo Pizza

If we talk about the land requirement for taking oyalo pizza franchise details. i.e. how much land will be required to open the Oyalo Pizza outlet? So friends 200 to 250 sq ft area space will be required

In which you can set the freezer. frozen pizzas are also available in this, which are very delicious. And they are of very low cost.

If we look at the past in comparison to traditional franchise businesses and talk about Oyalo pizza, according to their observation, their target food tech, and online food delivery customers.

With food delivery aggregators like Zomato, swiggy, and Uber, It is Impossible not only giving users a pocket option of pizza but also letting them choose pizza slices instead of ordering a full pizza.

But as the company has said that they want to expand their business further, then this is a great business opportunity. There will be every expectation of getting high returns on low investments.

How to start oyalo pizza franchise details

Oyalo Pizza Franchise Cost / Investment

Now let’s talk about their investment and how much it will cost to take the Oyalo Pizza Franchise so that you can become the owner of the Oyalo Pizza Franchise. As I told you earlier that this is a very low-investment business.

You will need ₹4,00,000 to ₹5,00,000 to take the franchise of Oyalo Pizza. You can easily open Oyalo Pizza outlet for ₹ 4,00,000 to ₹ 5,00,000.

There is no need for much staff to run this business, nor will any train cook be required to run it. only two persons can operate oyalo Pizza easily.

Space200 to 250 sq ft
Age18+ Years
Educational QualificationMust be the 12th Pass
LicenseRetail license

Required Documents to the Franchise

You will need personal and property documents for document requirements and oyalo pizza delivery.

We will discuss the documents in detail too

Personal Documents

  • Permanent Address Proof
  • Aadhar Card
  • Pan Card
  • Mobile Number
  • Bank Account Passbook
  • GST Number

These are the Personal Documents that you need to show

Property Documents

  • NOC of The Property
  • A retail License will be needed
  • If your land is on rate or lease, then its agreement form

So these complete documents should be available with you to open an oyalo pizza outlet.

Good and Bad Points to Own a oyalo pizza Franchise

Now let’s talk about the pros and cons or good points and bad points of oyalo pizza franchise details.. what are the good or Strong points and what are the weak point? and in the end we will add our conclusion too.

Pros of Oyalo pizza

  • The first point is that this is the lowest investment or low-cost model for oyalo franchise
  • Pocket-friendly for the users and can taste the various flavors. Because the pizzas sell slices and not whole pizzas
  • Very convenient for staff as it is in frozen form and does not require much preparation.
  • Also, they offer lots of combos and have quick service.
  • Works well for users looking to order food quickly and online. Provides some service for those who are in a hurry.

Cons of Oyalo Pizza

Now let’s talk about the cons or bad points…

They have only one bad point. That is they do not have any dining options. Overall, this Low Pizza franchise is a great option.

How to start oyalo pizza franchise

How to register for oyalo Pizza Franchise online? So this is the official website of the company. I am giving the link of this website below, you can also visit this website from there.

Official Website – Click here

So guys what do you have to do now? You have to visit the official website of the company. And from there an oyalo pizza franchise form has to be filled out online. in which you will have some personal details. After filling out the form completely, you will have to submit that form online only after which the company will review your application.

If your form is shortlisted then the support staff of the company will get in touch with you. After which there will be a meeting. If that meeting is successful, then an agreement will be signed with you, after that you can open your outlet in a few days.

Why take Oyalo Pizza Franchise?

Why choose Oyalo Pizza? Will any investor invest his money in Oyalo Pizza? Take the Franchise of Oyalo Pizza guys, Oyalo Pizza is one of the Fast Grown Brands introduced by HATSON PRODUCTS LTD and one of Chennai’s Best Pizza Chain.

Hatson Agro is a leading ice cream, milk, and other dairy products company in South Indian. It also has a popular ice cream brand and even healthy milk. Oyalo pizza is available in more than 90 cities in India today and it is also worth noting that it is a purely vegetarian pizza chain. Non-veg is not used at all. So opening Oyalo Pizza Franchise would be a good idea.

How to start oyalo pizza franchise?

It is a very simple process, you just have to only fill the form that is available in the official parent brand’s Website. and they will review your application. if you get shortlisted they will connect with you.

Oyalo pizza franchise details?

Yes, we have discussed everything about oyalo pizza franchise in detail.

How to get oyalo pizza franchise?

You can easily get oyalo pizza franchise by just submitting online application. you have go their parent brand’s website and fill the form


The pizza market in India is growing very fast and its competitors are also increasing very much and domestic players of MNC are also emerging in this competitive market.

Oyalo currently serves only veg pizzas and we do not know if the company has any plans to launch a non-veg menu. In this case, the company is losing a huge customer base who prefer non-veg pizzas.

As far as the franchise is concerned, it looks like a plug-and-play, with almost everything ready. Because they serve frozen pizza, no professional cook or chef is required for this and its process is very simple. Take out the frozen pizza from the freeze, set it on with a pre-set timer, and heat it with spices so overall this Indian Bread OYALO Pizza is the best. It will be a great choice for anyone who invests in it.

In this article, we have given you detailed information about Pizza Franchises. Hopefully, you will not face any problems in opening Oyolo Pizza Franchise in the future and whenever you open your franchise, you will definitely remember our article.

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